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Video Visits


Video Visits

By the Bay Health Offers Video Visits:

  • Get quick answers to your questions – no appointment needed
  • Family and friends can participate remotely
  • Less disruptive to your schedule

The option to see a nurse or other health professional remotely has been around for years. But the current pandemic has underscored the advantages of supplementing in-person care with video visits.

At By the Bay Health, we have embraced this telehealth option to enhance our exceptional level of patient care during difficult times, and beyond.

Video Visits
Regularly scheduled in-person visits are still at the core of our exceptional home-based health care. But there are times when a quick response can offer immediate peace of mind. In this way, we use telehealth visits to complement a patient’s regular plan of care.


  • No appointment needed
  • Get a quick response to urgent concerns
  • Ideal for questions between scheduled visits
  • Include family and friends either in-person or remotely
  • Less disruptive to your personal routine
  • Minimizes visitors in the home

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Current clients can request a video visit with a nurse 24/7.

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