By the Bay Health

Skilled Home Health Care FAQs

How do I know if I am in need of Skilled Home Health Care services?

  • Skilled home health is for homebound patients recovering from surgery, injury, or illness, or those managing chronic conditions such as heart disease, COPD, or diabetes. The goal of skilled home health care is to help patients regain their health and live as independently as possible.

How do I qualify for Skilled Home Health Care?

  • The best thing to do if you think you may need our services is talk to your primary care physician. They can submit an order for home health. Please feel free to call us, as we have nurses available to help answer any questions you may have regarding our services.

What is the difference between Skilled Home Health and personal home care assistance?

  • Home health care consists of skilled services, such as those provided by licensed therapists, nurses, home health aides, and social workers. Each visit lasts between 30 to 45 minutes where the focus is on the rehabilitation and medical care.
  • Personal home care is when an aide comes in to help with things such as cleaning, cooking, and other household needs that skilled home health care does not cover. By the Bay Health does not offer this service.

Does Medicare pay for Skilled Home Health Care services? How about insurance?

  • Medicare covers home health 100% with no copayments. We also accept a wide range of other insurances whose coverage varies based on your plan. All home health services require a physician’s order for coverage.

What does homebound mean?

  • To be regarded as homebound, the patient must be unable to drive themselves and must require assistance to leave their home.

Do Skilled Home Health providers help with cleaning, cooking, and other household needs?

  • No. For those needs you should contact a personal home care service.

Do you offer Skilled Home Health services for someone in an assisted living facility?

  • Yes. We can bring our expertise to you anywhere you call home, including assisted living facilities.