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Palliative Care FAQs

Is palliative care the same as hospice?

  • No. Unlike hospice, palliative care (also called “comfort care”) does not require a doctor’s prognosis of six months or less. Patients may also start or continue curative treatments while receiving palliative care.

How do I know if palliative care services are right for me?

  • Palliative care may help when pain and/or other symptoms are not well-controlled; if you often need to go to the hospital or Emergency Department to manage your illness or disease; or if your current treatment plan isn’t aligned with your goals.

Why are there two types of palliative care?

  • Consultative care provides expert advice on pain and symptom management through consultations with your primary care physician. Comprehensive care includes regular visits from a team of experts, including nurses, home health aides, and social workers. They also train family and friends to assist with care between visits.
    The type of palliative care you receive depends on your health care needs, living situation, and insurance coverage. We can help you decide which is right for you.

Can I receive palliative care in a skilled nursing facility or hospital?

  • Yes. Our consultative palliative care team works with your primary care physician and facility staff to create a personalized care plan.

Does Medicare pay for palliative care?

  • Medicare Part B covers consultative palliative care. Coverage varies for comprehensive palliative care. Call us to learn your options.

Can I receive skilled home health care at the same time as palliative care?

  • Yes. Please call us to learn more about insurance coverage.