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How do I use Zoom for virtual support groups?

  • Instructions for downloading Zoom are here

Is Grief Counseling for me?

When you are grieving the loss of a loved one, you may find it difficult to decide if you need to seek additional support. Here are some instances where grief support might be beneficial:

  • You feel stuck as if you’re making no progress as time goes on after your loss
  • You’re unable to talk about your loved one without experiencing overwhelming and unmanageable feelings
  • Your emotions are so intense that your relationships are negatively impacted
  • Since your loss, your sleep is disrupted on a regular basis
  • You feel a loss of interest in other people, activities, your job, or a loss of feeling joy in your life or for others
  • You’re coping through new or increased negative behaviors such as using alcohol, drugs, over or under eating, gambling, or risk-taking behaviors
  • You are keeping details of how your loved one died a secret from friends and family

Do I need Crisis Counseling?

In some instances, our regular grief counseling services may not meet you urgent need for help in coping with your loss. If any of the following sound like you, please contact one of the agencies listed below.

  • You are unable to meet your basic needs for nutrition, hydration, hygiene, safety and grooming
  • Your use of alcohol or substances is impairing your ability to function or participate in activities of daily living
  • You are actively considering suicide or other self-harming behaviors
  • You are actively considering harming others or their property

Crisis resources:

When will you offer in-person counseling again?

  • When we do re-start in-person counseling, the announcement will appear on this page and on our Event Calendar.

Do you have counseling for children and teens?

  • Young children and teenagers can be deeply affected by the loss of someone close to them. However, they grieve differently than adults and need specialized support and care.
  • Our youth counselors are trained to support the needs of children and teens. We work with ages 7 to 17, using age-appropriate family, individual and group counseling activities including art therapy, symbolic play and grief education.

How do I pay for Grief Counseling?

  • All of our weekly and monthly drop-in sessions are offered free-of-charge. Pre-registration is required for virtual support groups.
  • Our other support groups, as well as individual and family counseling, have a sliding-fee scale that can reduce costs for those who qualify.
  • For family members of patients who received By The Bay Health’s Hospice care, some services are offered free-of-charge for a limited time following the loss.
  • Please call or email our Bereavement Department for more details: (415) 526.5699 or (707) 931.7299; griefsupport@bythebayhealth.org.