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By the Bay Health

Facility Partners

Our collaboration with facility staff ensures seamless support for all the types of care we provide, including hospice care, palliative care consultation (link to appropriate section on Consultative Palliative Care page), pediatric care, and grief counseling.

We also offer training for facility staff members in best practices of end-of-life care. By partnering with you, our mutual patients experience the highest possible quality of life along with the support their families need during a difficult time.


If you have a resident who has frequent hospitalizations, is losing weight or is in general decline, please call us to assess whether it is time for hospice: (888) 720.2111.


Services for Patients

  • 24/7 access to nurses with end-of-life expertise, helping prevent hospitalizations
  • Support from social workers, home health aides, interfaith spiritual counselors, and community volunteers
  • Vigil volunteers so no one is alone during the final hours
  • Clinical teams who reflect our communities’ cultural diversity and offer care in multiple languages, including Spanish and Chinese
  • Grief counseling for all ages

Resources for Facility Staff

  • Detailed, collaborative care plans and attendance at care planning meetings
  • Medication, pain, and symptom management support
  • Education about end-of-life care
  • Ongoing customer service support
  • Consultation with our medical director
  • Streamlined reimbursement
  • Grief and memorial support