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Pediatric Care FAQs

What is By the Bay Kids?

  • Our By the Bay Kids® program supports infants, children, young adults, and their families through serious disability and/or life-threatening illness. We offer home-based pediatric palliative care coordination and pediatric hospice care to address the unique needs of young patients and their families.

What’s the difference between pediatric palliative and hospice care?

  • Palliative care typically supports children with life-limiting and potentially life-threatening illness who may be expected to live for many years. Our palliative care program is a care coordination program, adding an extra layer of support to the primary and specialty teams already involved in the child’s care.
    Hospice care is traditionally for children who may have a life expectancy of six months or less. Our hospice team works with the child’s providers to optimize comfort, and pain and symptom management in the home.
    Our dedicated team of pediatric experts focuses on quality of life for the whole family as we manage the child’s symptoms. Clinicians always tailor care to the family’s personal needs, values, and goals.
    Talk with your physician or call us to learn which type of care is right for you.

Can my child continue receiving curative treatment while using hospice care?

  • Yes. Unlike adult hospice care, most children can continue to receive potentially curative or illness-oriented treatments, like chemotherapy, while receiving hospice services and support.

Can my child receive care in a facility?

  • Yes. We provide care at home, in a hospital, or in a facility.

How will you support my family?

  • Our pediatric team specializes in helping people of all ages navigate a child’s illness. We ensure families understand the diagnosis and what to expect in the future and help the family cope with fear and uncertainty. Clinicians provide emotional support and training for family and friends to provide care between visits and can connect you to a wide variety of community resources. We also offer special support and programs for siblings, who can often feel left out.

Will insurance pay for my child’s care?

  • Some insurance plans and Medi-Cal cover the cost of pediatric services. We strive to ensure that no one is turned away due to lack of insurance or inability to pay, so please call us to learn more or if you have concerns about your child’s coverage.