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By the Bay Health


Through direct referral from a patient's physician, hospitalist, hospital discharge planner, or care facility, By the Bay Health admits patients every day, including evenings and weekends. Often, we assess the patient and meet with their family on the same day as the referral.

Hospice Care

Anyone (patient, family member, or caregiver) may refer a patient to hospice.
Call: (415) 927.2273

Physicians and discharge planners may refer patients 24/7.
Call: (888) 720.2111
Fax: (888) 767.1919

Downloadable Hospice Care Referral Form

Palliative Care

Anyone (patient, family member, physician, or discharge planner) can refer an eligible patient for palliative care. To refer a patient:
Call: (415) 444.9210
Fax: (415) 813.2017

Downloadable Palliative Care Referral Form

Downloadable Palliative Care Referral Source Guide

Skilled Home Health Care

To access our skilled home health care services, a physician must place an order for skilled, medically necessary care for a homebound patient with an injury or illness.

The phone number to contact Skilled Home Health is (888) 431.0858.

You will be connected you to the correct office to confirm availability and accepted insurance.

Once that has been verified, our fax number is (707) 935.5294.

Pediatric Care

Anyone (pediatric patient, including a parent or guardian, physician, or discharge planner) can refer a pediatric patient.
Call (415) 444.9210

Downloadable Pediatric Care Referral Form