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By the Bay Health

Things You Need for an Emergency Supply Kit

Emergencies can’t be predicted but you can do your best to be prepared for when they happen. This short video walks you through items that should be included in an emergency supply kit:

Home Emergency Preparation
Keep the following items in a secure place, in a water-proof container.
Check for expiration and replace your supplies as needed throughout the year:

      • Extra Cash
      • Extra Set of Car Keys
      • Extra Set of House Keys
      • 2 Weeks Supply of Medicine and Dietary Needs
      • Flash Light
      • Extra Batteries
      • Cell Phone Portable Charger
      • First Aid Kit
      • Emergency Blanket
    • Multipurpose Tools
      • Screwdriver
      • Mirror (to reflect light if needed to be found by safety personnel)
      • Whistle
      • Extra Clothing
      • Extra Blanket
      • Extra Shoes
    • Enough Food and Water (1 gallon of water per person per day.)
      Tip: enough food and water for every person in the home to last 3 days or more.
    • Personal Care Items
      • Soap
      • Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste
      • Baby Wipes for Bathing
      • Contact Lenses and Solution
      • Glasses
      • Dry Shampoo
    • Pet Care Supplies
      • Food, Water, and Leashes
      • Current Photos
      • Pet Toys