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By the Bay Health

The Benefits of Hospice Care

Ms. Hui Yin learned about the benefits of hospice care through a neighbor.

Ms. Hui Yin Hospice CareOur bilingual, all-Chinese, multidisciplinary team was created to alleviate barriers and provide culturally sensitive care to Chinese patients in their homes, care facilities and hospitals.


Ms. Hui Yin’s warm smile and bright eyes make those around her feel welcome. She and her family did not know anything about hospice until they learned that a neighbor had received hospice care at home. Through this experience, they were able to understand the gift of hospice as they witnessed their neighbor make her transition in the comfort of her own home, peacefully. Ms. Yin’s daughter-in law, Jessica, felt that at-home hospice care would allow her mother-in-law to have her family by her side.

Along with receiving nursing care, Ms. Yin also receives spiritual support. Our spiritual support counselors encourage patients and loved ones to draw upon their personal spiritual beliefs for comfort. Ms. Yin and Jessica find peace and guidance from these visits, and are grateful to have the counselor lead them in prayer.