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By the Bay Health Helps Guide Aspiring Home Care Aides

BTBH Provider Relations Manager Eda Anguiano filled the room with excitement during a special guest presentation on March 11 to students at Novato Adult School attending a 12-week program to “Become a Home Care Aide.”

Students enrolled in the program had the opportunity to learn all about By the Bay Health’s work during a lively 40-minute session where Eda covered a wide range of topics, including the differences between our hospice, palliative and home health programs, as well as donor funded grants, the patient-intake process, funeral arrangements and much more.

“I can’t believe I get paid for what I do! It really fills my heart,” Eda says.

A total of 14 students in the class were engaged by Eda’s depth of knowledge and her passion for health care. They were also eager to know what their next steps might be towards a career at By the Bay Health. One student, Sherry A., commented that she had felt drawn to hospice for a long time, especially since being present during the death of a loved one.

“It was an honor to be in that room. It’s just so important to have somebody there.” After learning about the depth of training our volunteers receive she added, simply, “I’m there!”

As the outreach session ended, Eda took a moment to remind the students, “Your role as health professionals will be to make everyone aware of what is out there.”

Thanks to her presentation they are now in a much better place to do just that.

By the Bay Health’s efforts go beyond providing care. Opportunities to educate the community about our work remain a valuable entry-point for those interested in pursuing a meaningful career. Potential candidates often look to industry leaders like By the Bay Health for more information on how to get involved. Eda’s ability to identify these opportunities on a multicultural level make her a true asset to our organization.